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2nd UMBAJA Congress 2018


"Working together for a sustainable world"
June 22 - 24, 2018
Hanover, Germany
"A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all" 
Jacqueline Novogratz "Economist"



The traditional pattern of the integration process of the newcomers into German society does not fulfill the requirements of building a homogenous, colourful and multicultural society in the era of globalization.
In our second congress in UMBAJA e.V, we want to continue our practical shaping of our own vision on: What does integration mean for us as newcomers into German society? Our Meeting this year will bring together activists from France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
2nd UMBAJA Tagung comes after 2 years of sensitization and mobilization of different communities in different European countries in order to take the lead in shaping our future within the European society which is a very big challenge.
How can we come together to implement practical initiatives and projects that move us from the theoritical space to practical areas. How can we take the responsibiliy towards the concept of the sustainable development goals as an entrance to change our communities in the diaspora and also at Home land.



1- responsibility towards a sustainable world as a key for change.
2- UMBAJA e.V European and International network.
3- Women first, as a fundamental condition for development.
4- Upgration vs. Integration.


Date & Time

The congress starts at 4 pm Friday the 22nd June 2018 and it ends at 2 pm Sunday the 24th June 2018.



The congress will be held in Pavillon cultural center, Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hannover (kleine Saal).



The language of the congress will be English with availability of translation into Arabic and German.




DAY-1: Friday June 22, 2018

3.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Registration & Refreshments

4.30 pm - 5:30 pm



Session No: UM/CON/1811

"A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all"

Jacqueline Novogratz "an economist"

Opening Session


- Welcoming & Greetings

- Launching and Introduction to DOMAHAN international Program (DIP), a project initiated by UMBAJA e. V


5.30 pm–7.30 pm





Session No: UM/CON/1812

"The problems of all of humanity can only be solved by all of humanity"

Friedrich Durrenmatt "an author"

Film screen & Discussion


The Film: “HUMAN”


What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight? That we laugh? Cry? Our curiosity? The quest for discovery?

Driven by these questions, the filmmaker and artist Yann Arthur-Bertrand has produced his film "HUMAN".


On the Movie from different perspectives:

Mohammed Toum, an activist & visual Artist (SUDAN).


Martha Herbold, a Film maker (Germany)

7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Welcome Dinner

8.30 pm

End of DAY-1

DAY-2: Saturday June 23, 2018

8.30 am – 9.30 am

Registration & Coffee

9.30 am – 12.30 am






Session No: UM/CON/1821

"There is no development strategy more beneficial to society than the one which involves women as central players"

Kofi Annan "the former UN Secretary general"


Preliminary Presentation


"Migrants women and the promotion of their role in the Society"

Dr. Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, a Sudanese Writer and free Journalist, Austria


Panel discussion

Women first”: A key for development & political change.

- Dr. Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, a Sudanese Writer and free Journalist (Austria)

- Dr. Hadelzein Elobeid , a Sudanese activist and Researcher (UK)

- Ms. Hala Kotrash, a Syrian activist journalist (Germany)

- Mrs. Hala Burma Omar, a Sudanese Medical Scientist and activist (Netherlands)

Moderation: Inka Janssen

12.30 am – 1.30 pm

Lunch Break

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm





Session No: UM/CON/1822

Yes, green business is good business. But it's not just about making money. It's about being responsible”

Tulsi Tanti " a Businessman"




FOGA organic gum Company as a responsible business example

By Elimam Musa Elimam & Martijn Bergkamp, the founders (The Netherlands)



2.30 pm – 4.30 pm





Session No: UM/CON/1823

"History in its broadest aspect is a record of man's migrations from one environment to another"

Ellsworth Huntington "an educator"




Upgration vs. Integration, what does that mean?

By Sebastian Cunitz, Cameo Kollektiv e.V (Germany)

https://www.cameo-kollektiv.de, https://beta.upgration.de/


4.30bpm – 5 pm

Coffee Break

5 pm – 7 pm




Session No: UM/CON/1824

"The path to success is to take massive, determined action"

Tony Robbins "an author"


Initiatives & Open Space

Phanaar foundation, a new initiative from Sudanese community in Netherlands.

By Mr. Fathi Ibraheem, the chairman (the Netherlands)


"The context of migrant labor in Sudan- the case of domestic workers"

Dr. Hadelzein Elobied (United Kingdom)


"Applying Western concepts of higher education social responsibility to African contexts"

Dr. Mohammed  El-Anssari Ali, A Sudanese political activist (United Kingdom)


7 pm – 8 pm

Dinner Time

8 pm

End of DAY-2


Sunday June 24, 2018

8.30 am – 9.30 am

Registration & Coffee

9.30 am – 1 pm




Session No: UM/CON/1831

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it"

Malcolm X "a political leader"


Closed Session

Domahan International Program “DIP” & UMBAJA e.V Strategic plan, activities and timeline (2020)

- UMBAJA e. V Members& the guests from Europe.

1 pm – 2 pm

Lunch time

2 pm

End of UMBAJA second congress








Short introductions and biography of our speakers in 2nd UMBAJA Congress can be found here.


We are looking forward to welcome you in our 2nd congress 2018 in Hannover.





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