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Mr. Elimam Musa Elimam - Session No: UM/CON/1822”

Topic: FOGA organic gum Company asa responsible business example”

He is an agriculture specialist, graduated at University of Gezeera Sudan, Faculty of Agriculture 1995. Mr. Elimam studied also seeds Technology at University of Wageningen, the Netherlands.

He worked as Urban farming Supervisor “CE” with The Hague in addition, he worked for IFAD “UN”, SAC Netherlands and Advanced Engineering Projects Yanbu “K.S.A”.

Beside that Mr. Elimam is a political activist stands for peace building and democratization of Sudan. Years ago, Mr. Elimam has founded a Fair Organic Gum Company in The Netherlands. https://www.foga-organicgum.eu/



Mr. Fathi Ibrahim - Session No: UM/CON/1824

Topic: Phanaar foundation, a new initiative from Sudanese community in Netherlands



Mr. Ibrahim has License of law from Ain Shams University , Egypt and Courses Followed in International Law, Criminal Law, Islamic Family Law, Business Law, Administraion Law, Process Law ( Civil and Criminal).

He worked Legal and Administrative Assistant at Refugees Foundation, as well as he worked for many companies in the Hague.

Mr. Ibrahim is a Member of WMO Advisory Counsil of Boekel Municipality in The Netherlands. He is a co-founder of Phanaar Association in the Hague, Netherlands, www.phanaar.com







Dr. Hadelzein Elobeid - Session No: UM/CON/1821& UM/CON/1824

Topic1: “Women first”: A key for development & political change

Topic2: "The context of migrant labor in Sudan- the case of domestic workers"



Dr. Elobeid graduated at Ahfad University for Women | Omdurman, Sudan “BSc. in Business Administration” 2001.

In december 2004 she had her MA. in Development Studies (Major in Human Resource and Employment Studies) - Institute of Social Studies| The Hague, The Netherlands.

And in 2017 her PhD. in Peace Studies (Labour Rights Concentration)

Thesis Title: Decent work for domestic workers; local measures for Sudan at Sudan University for Science and Technology| Khartoum, Sudan

Dr. Elobeid worked as Lecurer, Supervisor, Researcher, HR Administrator and coordinator for many companies, institutes and organizations.








Mrs. Hala Burma Omer - Session No: UM/CON/1821

Topic: “Women first”: A key for development & political change



Mrs. Omer studied Medical laboratory sciences in Parasitology and Medical Entomology at the University of Khartoum (Qualified as BSc. Medical Laboratory Techniques). She has Master of Sciences in Parasitology, University of Juba (qualified as MSc. Biomedical Sciences).

Technician, CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre and Utrecht University. She worked as medical scientist and technologist for different institutes and Universities.

Mrs. Omer came to the Netherlands in 2003, and now she is an active member in Phanaar Association in the Hague.

She is socially and politically active in lines of women and children rights, www.phanaar.com









Ms. Hala Koutrash - Session No: UM/CON/1821

Topic: “Women first”: A key for development & political change


Ms. Hala Koutrach was born in Damascus, Syria. She studied journalism at the Faculty of Media in Damascus and started in 2008 with media work. Hala worked on various media projects on the International Syrian Television and on various radio stations in Syria, Istanbul and Germany. She came to Hanover, Germany in 2015. Here in Germany she works as a radio presenter and freelance journalist.

She is a member of Cameo kollektiv in Hannover, www.cameo-kollektiv.de



 Dr. Hamed Omer Hawi
“Session No: UM/CON/1832”
“Topic: “Short Film screen “Culture of suffering””




Worked as assistant professor of political science- University of Juba-Sudan 2003- 2011Head Department of  Political Science, University of Juba 2004- 2007    

Dean Academic Research, University of Bahri, Sudan    2011 -2014
Associate professor - Department of Political Science- University of Bahri- Sudan.
Published a lot of papers and books in politics, development, peace and conflict
Political, human rights, media and civil society activist in Sudan.








Ms. Inka Janssen - Session No: UM/CON/1821

Topic: “Women first”: A key for development & political change


Ms. Janssen born and raised in North of Lower Saxony (Ostfriesland), lived in Texas and Costa Rica for a while before moving to Hildesheim, Germany for studying the bachelor of social – and organizational pedagogics in Hildesheim. She is planing on doing the masters in e.g. global studies.

Ms. Janssen interested in (queer-) feminism, critical whiteness, anti-racism, sustainability, degrowth economics, avoidance of waste.

Ms. Janssen is the head of the student association of University Hildesheim

member of ICJA, a political education association with its roots in international voluntary and peace work and member of the the international education network “learn 2 change”.

She worked in an EU program regarding the mobility of youth in Europe focusing on the voluntary work





Dr. Ishraga Mustafa Hamid - Session No: UM/CON/1821

Topic1: Migrants women and the promotion of their role in the Society

Topic2: “Women first”: A key for development & political change


Dr. Ishraga Mustafa Hamid (Sudan / Austria) is a writer, translator and freelance journalist. She lives in Vienna since 1993 and completed her studies in journalism and political science in 2006 with a doctorate. Hamid is involved in the work for migrants, especially in the "black migrant research". Texts from her have been published in several anthologies, eg "The Strangers in Me" (1999), "The Language of Resistance" (2000), "Your Language is Not My Language" (2002) and "One asks me if I am "(2009). Hamid recently published "Faces of the Danube" (2014) and published "Symphony of Rub al-Chali", a collection of contemporary Arabic poetry (2015). She is the representative for Arab literature in the Austrian PEN Club. And she fights against the "borders"






Mr. Maissara M. Saeed

Session No: UM/CON/1811

Topic: Introduction to DOMAHAN international Program (DIP)




Maissara Saeed was born in 1973 in Omdurman in the middle of Sudan. There he completed his studies in the field of medical Laboratories Sciences at Khartoum University. After working for several years as a medical scientist in public and private hospitals, and as a tutor at the Khartoum university, he fled to Germany in 2010. Since the early 90s he began to become politically and socially active in Sudan. This commitment continues to the current time in Germany and he deals generally with the topics of peace, human rights and social justice.

Co-founder: Umbaja e. V, German Sudanese association for development and refugee protest camp Hannover. Mr. Saeed is a Member of various Sudanese, German and international organizations and institutions, www.umbaja.de







Ms. Martha Herbold

Session No: UM/CON/1812

Topic: Film screen & Discussion on the Film: “HUMAN”



Martha Herbold was born in 1988 in Hannover. After five years of cultural and media studies on Tübingen's hills, she moved back to her flat hometown and studied video journalism there. She works as a freelance filmmaker with a strong passion for sound and music.

Martha Herbold is an active member in Cameo- Kollektiv e. V in Hannover.





Mr. Martijn Bergkamp

Session No: UM/CON/1822

Topic: FOGA organic gum Company asa responsible business example




Mr. Berkamp has his background in Maintenance Engineering and setting-up organizations. He joined FOGA early 2016 and started FOGA Europe to enable marketing and sales in Europe and United States. Martijn has been several times to Sudan and knows the people and the culture very well. Martin will highlight about FOGA.

FOGA buys, processes and sells gum Arabic in a fair way to give everyone in the circulation a good share. We will talk about if fair is always fair and if people always are interested in fair trade. How can we work together and use our networks to get the dreams coming true?








Dr. Mohamed Ahmed El-Ansari

Session No: UM/CON/1824

Topic: Thoughts & Perspectives on education



Dr. Mohamed El-Ansari obtained his PhD from Leeds Beckett University his Master degree from School of Humanitarian and Social Sciences at Westminster. He obtained his degree (BA) and (PGD) form Sudan at Juba University Faculty of Education and Omdurman Ahlia University, Dept. of English Language and Literature.

He contributed to a UNESCO project to give access to quality education and promote the local, regional and national value of international education, emphasising the importance of international students to employment and educational opportunities at a local & International level. He is annual guest speaker Universities UK and the British council London as well as member of Transnational Education committee which recently founded & he is a chairman of London education & research network. He participated in different Global Education projects between Arab League and European Union and he is visiting Fellow to Bradford university.





Mr. Mohamed Eltoum

Session No: UM/CON/1812

Topic: Film screen & Discussion on the Film: “HUMAN”

Mohamed Altoum is a Sudanese photographer and filmmaker and has been working as an independent visual artist since 2011. Together with other up-and-coming photographers he founded the first photographic collective in Sudan, the 'Sudanese Photographers Group'. In recent years he has attended a series of workshops and master classes in Sudan, Ethiopia and Germany. He is currently attending an international photography class at the University of Hannover . He processes his perception of the world with his photographs, combining selected visual impressions with story telling. His concern is to communicate his perspective on the world to an international audience. Above all, he deals with identity not only in his home, but also in the Sudanese Diaspora. In recent years he traveled around many countries in Africa portraying the lives of People far away from home and reflect the identity . During his travels on the African continent, he networked with the Afro-centric arts scene and presented his work at the Lagos Foto Festival, Addis Foto Festival, among others. Internationally he was featured on Al-Jazeera, CNN Africa, BBC Africa as well as the Huffpost. Additionally he was awarded with the Photo kenya Masterpieces award in Nairobi, the Yellow House Award in London in 2016 and the AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture) photography price in 2017.



Mr. Sebastian Cunitz

Session No: UM/CON/1823

Topic: Upgration vs. Integration, what does that mean?


Sebastian Cunitz was born in Munich in 1983 and grew up on beautiful Lake Constance. Since 2009 he studies documentary photography at the University of Hannover. In his photograph he wants to get closer to people, to learn them and is always in search of similarities. Sebastians favorite dish are pancakes with spinach and he likes to cook delicacies from the Orient.

Mr. Cunitz is a leading member in Cameo Kollektiv e. V. www.cameo-kollektiv.de



Mrs. Taqwa Ahmed

The Congress Manager


Mrs. Ahmed is a political activist from Sudan. She completed her master's degree in clinical pharmacy at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. She is mother of a son, married and active in the fields of human rights and feminism since 2012. In Sudan and the Netherlands, she advocates the human rights of women in the war zones of Sudan. Among other things, she published two papers on the role of Sudanese women in peace and development and their obstacles. In 2016, she had to leave Sudan. She is a member and a co-founder of many initiatives in Sudan and the Netherlands.